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Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Window

"My Window"

i call this Photo "Independents Day" which look similar in the movie scene...
"A Huge Cloudy Moving Toward...and the Sun Ray is cool or i call it, Gorgeous Light coming from Heaven"

"Golden Cloud" Nice Sunset......on my window, everyday same view but Different Sunset!!! 
the Sun light reflect to the cloudy and make it the best Combination...like a 
"GOD painted on the Sky..like an Artist"

"Landing"...is the perfect word for this photo.
if u see clearly....a line appear on the sky, look like something is landing on earth!
Beside that, the Tone is gorgeous...

"Thunder Night" is a COOL name for this Photo...
Isn't easy to take this kind of photo....plenty of shot i had taken..jus for this thunder things!
this shot just one of those plenty shot that i selected(still got some nice shot)..

"so....don't waste even a minute in your daily life, try to look outside your window!!! for a gorgeous view"

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